A Small Farmers Market

So this post is a little late because I wanted to visit the farmers market. Silverdale has a cute tiny market on Tuesdays from 3-7. There were several restaurants (BBQ, Bakeries and Crape Cafe). All the stands that were there had great things! My favorite was probably the flower stand but I sadly didn’t get any flowers because many of them are poisonous to cats…..cant hurt Kiara!

Even though it was a small market it was nice to go and visit and meet some local farmers/business owners.

What I bought…my roommate bought the succulent  

I may have broke my clean eating and tried a crape.

It had bananas….

ignore the Nutella

But it was so good…

As summer is going by quickly I encourage you all to check out your farmers market. Even if it is on the small scale. It is nice to support your community and to meet new people.

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