Have you ever realized just how busy you are? Maybe in the general passing of life, you find yourself answering the question “How are you?” with “I am good, but busy.”? Why do we do that? Why do we associate our wellbeing with how busy we are or how not very busy we are? I have definitely been one to find a bit of pride in a calendar all color coded and full to the brim.  However, over this summer, I had to take a lot of time to be alone and calm…and slightly medicated due to dental procedures. I first realized that I was too busy and something had to go.
If you noticed, I haven’t posted a new blog in almost a year. A big part of that is caused by just being too busy to creatively think of ways to write an interesting blog. I realized that I was paying for a website that I never used. I switched over to self-hosting in an attempt to make money from a hobby but in the end I barely made a dollar. So I decided at first that I would just simply remove my site. Delete completely. But that hurt my heart a little. This blog has been through a lot with me. It is in a sense a creative product of my life.
So, I decided not to delete it but to move it back to WordPress. I got way more readers and interested there anyway. It was also much, much, much cheap than self-hosting. I also have kinda always loved WordPress. They are always super friendly and helpful. This is a small step in simplifying things but it is a step.
A few other goals I would like to work towards this school year: 
– Read more
– Work after work less (teacher’s life)
– Go exploring more (With my 2nd year here in Washington I didn’t do a whole lot of
exploration compared to my 1st year)
– Saying “no” to things in order to not get too busy,  and not being scared of angering

Thank you for reading!

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