A Fall Adventure: A Walk Down A Tiny Town Road

A few weekends ago, I went to watch a friend in a live performance of Clue. It was a good performance but I was also excited about visiting a new town….well in reality it was more like a street but it was such a cute little place. I am looking at revisiting the town before Christmas to get gifts. The town (street) was called Port Gamble. If you happen to be close to the Kitsap Peninsula I recommend checking it out. You can get there easily by ferry from Seattle to Kingston. For this blog, I just wanted to provide you with some pictures of the beauty and quaint-ness…. Just so you know this is like my new favorite place to go in the Fall. 🙂


Look at all those leaves!!!


This is a Ghost Walk house.


(This was right before Halloween so they were having a Ghost conference…hence the Ghost Walk house.








Leave me to find the cemetery in a town….




What a view!

Even though most of these photos were taken in the cemetery…oops :)…  I hope you could see the old town feel that I feel in love with here. The main street has a lot of little shops and boutiques to check out. I didn’t have a whole lot of time when I went to fully explore but I plan on spending some time exploring the next time I visit.



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