To Infinity and Beyond!


From doctor to doctor, work to break, Korea to States and then States to Korea, only then from break to work again, I have been busy!

I don’t even remember my last blog. However, checking out my stats I am excited to see that I was getting “hits” even when I was living my life in Korea. In all reality I was actually trying to stay positive and not be discouraged.

Around early November I started to feel a numb/tingling feeling in my right arm. It was as though one day my arm fell asleep and never woke up. I gave it two weeks before I began to panic a bit….One day I was holding a piece of paper. I looked away and without feeling it (cause I couldn’t feel it) the paper fell out of my hand…I didn’t notice till I looked back at the paper. That day I had a mini-emotional break down… Which for me is a big deal!

I had already gone to a doctor and he simply said that my curve of my neck was strengthening out. He prescribed Korean physical therapy. That was an experience of a life time….one that I hope I never have to do again. In all honesty it wasn’t that bad except the neck stretcher bed (that was painful). The next day my numbness had moved up to my shoulder and the right side of my neck. I could barely turn my head from pain. I was SOOO not pleased and scared. 😦

After my mini-emotional breakdown (in front of people!!!). I received help from a co-worker to go to a bigger hospital. I visited the neurologist to see if it was a nervous system problem. Took X-rays again. Same thing was said…my neck instead of curving backwards was curving forwards. (Both doctors said I would forever have neck problems). I was again not pleased…except this doctor ruled out a nerve malfunction and diabetes. I also got to get electroshock therapy….Which was pretty cool to experience. (I know I am weird but sometimes I like thinking…”Wow, who can say that at 25 years old they were in a tiny room in Korea getting shock therapy for a strange symptom.” … its a rare experience).

When all I seemed to receive from the two Korean doctors were pain meds, that didn’t really do anything (because I didn’t really have pain), I kinda gave up. Figured it was just a pinched nerve (after my sister talked me out of thinking it was allergies) that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Yep, I went to the dark, life long diagnosis. I am not proud of it. 🙂

By that time it was the Holidays. I had goals to finish for school, gifts to buy, and parties to go to. I flew out for Texas (12 hour flight). It was not that bad except I sat next to a girl who was a nervous flyer. She fixed the problem by drinking lots and lots of vodka, passing out and then trying to edge her way onto my seat…while I was still sitting there.

When I landed in Dallas I was feeling good. I could understand people, communicate my thoughts, feelings and complaints! Then “DUN DUN DUN!” my flight was canceled due to weather in Amarillo. I was put on a standby list of 84 people and decided to bunk in the B terminal between gates 26 and 27. I maybe slept an hour or two the entire night. Again, I am going to be weird but, I was okay with it. It was an experience that was fun to retell. I made a few friends where and there. By friends I mean, a few attendants who felt bad for me. A guy who politely asked if he could sleep on the other side of some chairs, because of the prime location I had chosen due to an electrical outlet post. Also a shop clerk who was from the Middle East, came to the states received a teaching degree and taught for 26 years.

In the long run God provided a wonderful Jamaican women to “find” a seat for me on the first plane out! By “find” I mean it seemed like a sketchy, back alley deal but I took it…84 people on stand by!!! It was an amazing event and I told her…still say…that she was a blessing!

I spend two great weeks with my family and my DOG!!! MY DOG… miss her!!!
Went to the chiropractor for the first time ever. My numbness was caused by the fact that my neck vertebrae was slanted to the right at a 45 degree angle. He re-aligned me. After the first visit my numbness began to come and go (Improvement!). After the third and last visit before I headed back to Korea I was looking and feeling AMAZING!! I hadn’t realized how old I was feeling. I am still healing and he told me it will take about 2 months for me to be back at 100% but hey I am healed!!!


Made it back to Korea. Adjusting was not easy. For a week I felt as though I was living in a dream. It was great seeing some amazing people again but it just didn’t seem real. It was hard expressing my self and still two weeks after that first week back I have no idea what or how I made it through that zombie-esque time. I did though and here I am second week back with the kiddos. I have a larger class size now…13 6th graders!!! YIKES! One student left, which was both  good and bad because I was working with him and he was really beginning to make a change.

I have began checking of a “Koran to-do list.” That is what the picture is from. So even though it has been some time and this blog is INSANELY long, I am still alive. I have gone through a few strange trials. I have discovered a lot about my own weaknesses and Gods strengths. I realize even more that I am doing and living something that many dream of but few jump out and do.

(Spoiler quote from Walter Mitty)
” Life is about courage and going into the unknown.”

-p.s. I love that movie and encourage you all to watch!

Thanks for reading this…again…INSANELY long blog…YOU MADE IT TO THE END! (wait did you really read it all? Go back and reread if you skipped some parts… 😛 )

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