A Tragedy Should Not Be A Political Stance

I have been debating rather to write a post discussing the tragedy of the events that have played out not just in France but around the world in the past 48 hours. As many, I am sure, have seen on their Facebook feeds the world is hurting. The world is in need of prayer. From Kenya, to Baghdad to France many are feeling the pain. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel stated “…an attack on anyone of us, should be seen as an attack on all of us.”

I have recently read a few articles about how people are not wanting to change their profile picture to the French flag because they feel it cheapens the events and plays into the segregation of the world. They are right to feel and believe what they wish but don’t judge those who do. The fact that that articles were written only makes me feel as though they have missed the point. It is more than just standing and recognizing France as going through these struggles. It is a symbolic move that not just France was hit, or Kenya was hit, or Baghdad was hit it is that ALL OF US WERE HIT. We are all standing together against these terrorist acts.

Absolutely, the media in some parts of the world seemed to play favoritism but I have to say we are partially to blame. Like all industries and businesses the media gives us what we want to hear. It is our job to decipher, to search and to discover what the truth is. As I teach my students to think for themselves. We must think for ourselves as a global society. We are the ones who have to make the change.

I mourn for France but I also mourn for the world. I pray for France but I pray for all the victims and people touched by the tragedies that took place in such a short time around the globe. I say this last sentence carefully as I know how it will come off (somewhat hypocritical). Let us stop pointing fingers at people and let’s stop turning tragedy into a political stance.

These are just my thoughts. Take them or leave them….but I hope you take them.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Let’s be the light and the love together!

2 thoughts on “A Tragedy Should Not Be A Political Stance

  1. Bravo, indeed. TCKs have SEEN “the others” and so really understand, having been among, “them”.
    Absolutely, seeing a familiar place many of us have holidayed or even know someone close to, struck, is more immediate to more in North America than reading the sad news of some remote activity somewhere seemingly unreachable.
    But human life matters. This, too, was a tragedy not made less of one by counting up all the others.

  2. Jen,

    Thank you. I think you express it very well. TCKs really do have a better understanding of the world….simply because they have experienced it from a wider perspective.

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