Christmas Season In Korea

The Christmas season in Korea is rather festive. South Korea is a land with year round Christmas cafes and tea-lights lining the walkways. Korea also doesn’t have a holiday in November (Thanksgiving). This means that after Halloween, which has been brought over by western cultures, is over Christmas begins.

Koreans seem to love the chill in the air, the glittering lights and the idea of the commercial season. Even though they enjoy the feelings of Christmas the actual day is not as extravagant as Christmas in the United States. Christmas day is a day spent with the family. Most people get the day off. Usually children only receive one or two gifts. This is because there are other holidays (like children’s day) where gifts and money are given.

It is a more peaceful time that is not so money or gift hungry. I for the next couple of weeks I plan on giving you a taste of Korean Christmas. So stay tune.

Merry Christmas!

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